I designed this web site to share my own musical experince and a huge analog and digital recordings collected from 70's to actual date.

Baris Kangotan's last drawing ( Replica by Pablo Picasso's Cubic Painting )


Years of acknowledge

I started listening music in early 70's at the age of 10 thanks to my father's stereo ( tube amplifiers ) and his huge collection of 45 and 33 rpm vinyl records. who was the founder of first Dischoteque in Turkey - Ankara during 60's named Gazanfer Diskotek


I am a big fan of analog sound . During all these years I bought only Analog Vinyl LP Recordings but I did not completely closed my eyes on digital recordings world .

My audio and Video Collection is really big so I decided to divide into four main categories ( Analog Vinyl LP Albums - Digital Mp3 or Flac Recordings - Live Concerts - Movies )

Please click on links on your left to browse each categorie , all my digital music collection is published on internet through Kavatunes ( I Tunes looking view )